Tu & The Collectors is the first in a new series of novels by author Tom Schaefer. The story is about mankind's next evolutionary step, from living on planet Earth where scarcity, greed and corruption are the norm, to a clean organic planet. The journey is not without challenges but mankind has an ally in an extraterrestrial race that has known us longer than we have known ourselves.

Science Fiction By Tom Schaefer

I began working on the next installment of the series, “Tu Mayorga“.

Tu Mayorga picks up where the first book left off, and takes the team on a new mission under guidance from mankind’s new benefactors, The Zui.

This mission takes the team to yet another planet called “Mayorga” where a primitive group of humans has been living organically off the land much the same way as the North American Indians did, and have reached a point in their evolution similar to where the North American Indians were in the 1700’s on Earth.

This episode deals with “first contact” – or should we say, “follow up contact” and explores how humanity deals with meeting more of its own brotherhood on another planet, with the aid of The Zui.

Here’s a look at the book cover: