Tu & The Collectors is the first in a new series of novels by author Tom Schaefer. The story is about mankind's next evolutionary step, from living on planet Earth where scarcity, greed and corruption are the norm, to a clean organic planet. The journey is not without challenges but mankind has an ally in an extraterrestrial race that has known us longer than we have known ourselves.

Science Fiction By Tom Schaefer

ArrivalOne of the big questions posed in the book Tu and the Collectors is the idea about “disclosure“.

In UFO and ET lore, the term “disclosure” refers to the outright disclosure of the facts about whatever extraterrestrial presence and involvement with Earth has been verified at the highest levels of government on this planet.

Disclosure means acknowledgement by governmental leaders about the entirety of the subject, and whatever knowledge the government has on the subject.

Some have tried to maintain that mankind is not ready to handle this kind of information and this information has been secreted away to protect mankind.

There are millions of UFO enthusiasts, amateur scientists, cosmic sciences fans, hobbyists, tinkerers, armchair quarterbacks who want to believe so badly that they are willing to accept any strange tale that comes along as if it is fact. They entertain themselves with notions of all types of aliens, monsters, multidimensional beings. They seem to know the intent of these beings, and aliens, through telepathic means. These people tell us they are in contact with these higher races. They believe they know what the rest of us do not. They have their own disclosure.

Another phenomenon is the myriad of personal video showing strange lights in the sky, true unidentified flying objects that defy conventional explanations. There have been mass public sightings of unusual craft in the sky, in every corner of the globe.

There have been unusual archeological finds that defy conventional wisdom.

The end result is doubt. For over 50 years, as mankind has evolved through several world wars, huge technological advances, massive cultural changes.

We are all expected to believe (in an official capacity from government) that extraterrestrial life is somehow too silly, highly unlikely and too distant to conceive of as being real. Debunkers and skeptics leave us wondering how much if any of it is true. Some say disclosure from the government will never occur, that it will have to be the mass of humanity that finds out on its own.

We no longer know what is truth and what is fiction – all we seem to have is shadows and hints of something larger.

Logically, as much as it seems silly that “little green men” are coming to Earth, it is equally silly to think this one planet in all of the cosmos is the only one that harbors “intelligent life”.  It is entirely plausible that intelligent life exists elsewhere.

Tu and the Collectors explores a moment in time when disclosure occurs. In this story, an advanced race comes to help mankind and disclosure occurs. In the book the moment is explored as mankind sees all doubt removed. Moreover, the story explores a new gift by this advanced race, the ability for mankind to travel to the stars.

I invite you to explore this story and let your mind wander to the stars.