Tu & The Collectors is the first in a new series of novels by author Tom Schaefer. The story is about mankind's next evolutionary step, from living on planet Earth where scarcity, greed and corruption are the norm, to a clean organic planet. The journey is not without challenges but mankind has an ally in an extraterrestrial race that has known us longer than we have known ourselves.

Science Fiction By Tom Schaefer

tom-08-20-2011Tom Schaefer has been a science fiction fan since he was a boy. As a lover of science fiction all his life, Tom often thought about writing a sci-fi novel, movie or television series but could never come up with a good story, and then one day Tu & The Collectors began brewing in his mind.

Tom’s own career  has given him a wealth of information and life experience to draw upon as an author.

Tom served in the US Navy Submarine service,  worked for years in a career in the high tech programming computers and websites, and has a love of photography and art.

That being said, one of Tom’s biggest talents is his imagination.

I’ve longed for a return to intelligent science fiction. The idea of monsters from space stepping on buildings never appealed to me. But I was always inspired by stories that took me to distant worlds. That’s what I wanted to do with Tu & The Collectors. I hope you enjoy this story, it’s actually been a great deal of fun to see it unfold.”