Tu & The Collectors is the first in a new series of novels by author Tom Schaefer. The story is about mankind's next evolutionary step, from living on planet Earth where scarcity, greed and corruption are the norm, to a clean organic planet. The journey is not without challenges but mankind has an ally in an extraterrestrial race that has known us longer than we have known ourselves.

Science Fiction By Tom Schaefer

The Problem

Planet Earth is doomed. Really? Dystopia seems inevitable.

Dystopia is the opposite of Utopia. Dystopia as portrayed in the current crop of sci-fi movies and stories is an apocalyptic wasteland of a global destruction, humanity living a refugee lifestyle, scavenging from the ruins to survive.

Unfortunately, it is true, humanity has become its own worst enemy. If we don’t change our ways, the self extinction of mankind does seem inevitable. Earth has become a planet ruled by scarcity, greed and corruption What was once a beautiful planet has become a place that is dangerous to live for all its inhabitants, man and animal alike.

Something has gone wrong.

Humanity has evolved into a species that seems to be running without sound guidance. This lack of guidance is the core of the problem. We’ve become the blind leading the blind.

Here’s an internet radio interview about the book with ROAM Radio’s Dr. J. Andy Ilias

Guidance Comes

What if humanity gets some sound guidance from an outside source that could help us evolve to the next level of our own evolution?

The current trend in science fiction takes planet Earth into dreary, dystopian wastelands and such a future may well exist, does it necessarily have to be so?

Tu & The Collectors explores this possibility, that we get some badly needed help and guidance from extraterrestrials. Help comes in epic proportions, the massive setup of a clean organic planet 5 times the size of Earth, a new home for humanity, epic disclosure, and epic migration.

The story unfolds quickly as the lead characters find themselves thrust into a world of interplanetary travel, extraterrestrial contact, and learn about the founding of a new Earth done right.

The planet Tu, this “new Earth” is located some 2500 light years from Earth, has a habitable moon and was first colonized by a joint project between Earth scientists and benevolent extraterrestrials.

Tu is some 5 times larger than Earth, has similar gravity, but different orbital cycles and while similar to Earth in many ways, has its own set of problems as well as wonders.


 Tu, The Guided Planet

Some interesting things you will learn once you get to the planet include:

  • Absence of money – you won’t need it here on Tu
  • You’ll have a job, the job you choose, or go back to school
  • You live longer, as life extension technologies are the norm.
  • Organic farming – instead of giant corporate farms, farms are smaller multiculture
  • Organic living – architecture for humans
  • Logical infrastructure
  • Advanced technologies only available to elites on Earth are widely used on Tu, such as in medicine, communications
  • Free Energy systems abound, there is no power grid to fail, each home, and building has its own power system
  • Mass transit is the rule, and cities are designed from day-one to be ecologically sound.
  • The planet is governed by a benevolent Geniocracy
  • You choose where to work and live
  • Advances in science,medicine and technology are not limited by their “investment potential” but by the good that can be achieved for society as a whole.

 The Collectors

Who are The Collectors? The Collectors are an army of specialists sent on covert missions from Tu to the planet Earth to collect specimens from Earth, such as plants, animals, food, electronic and computer resources, artwork, and even humans such as scientists, engineers and just regular people.

The Collectors are directed by the leaders of Tu to recover as much as they can – the good things from Earth.

The collection process is covert to those on Earth, because there is a fear that if humanity on Earth finds out about the very plan designed to save it, that chaos could erupt. Time is running out and the collection process has been accelerated.